Lab 558 – The Bad Elephant Music Podcast – March 2017

The March edition of Lab 588 – The Bad Elephant Music Podcast is now available! Presented, as ever, by the legend that is Stacy Doller, this episode features music from MothertongueSchnauser, Verbal Delirium, Shineback, The Bob Lazar Story, Big Hogg, The Rube Goldberg Machine, Matt Stevens and The Fierce And The Dead.

Don’t forget – if you’re in or near Manchester on the evening of Sunday 19th April you could do worse than get along to An Evening of Bad Elephant Music in Manchester, featuring Verbal Delirium, Mothertongue and We Are Kin! Hope to see some of you there.

We’re also delighted to announce that the podcast is now available on iTunes – so if that’s your medium of choice, then subscribe now to get each new show as it comes out!

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Lab 558 – The Bad Elephant Music Podcast – February 2007

Exciting news! The very first episode of Lab 558 – The Bad Elephant Music Podcast is now live and available to download or stream!

Thanks to our very own Stacy Doller, of Progzilla Radio fame, who devised the show, and also presents it. You can hear Stacy’s Prog Britannia on that very network on Wednesday afternoons at 3 pm.

In this episode you will hear tracks from Orange Clocks, Emmett Elvin, Tom Slatter, Konchordat, Big Hogg, The Gift, Jack Arthurs and Simon Godfrey.

You can stream or download the podcast using the media player below, and it will soon be available on iTunes, too.

We hope you enjoy the podcast, and ‘tune in’ again for the next one!

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Rog Patterson – Flightless now available for preorder

Preorder this album now!

Bad Elephant Music is proud to announce that the reissue of Flightless, the solo album by Twice Bitten’s Rog Patterson, is now available to preorder!

Originally released on vinyl in 1989, Flightless received glowing reviews in progressive fanzines around Europe in the days before Prog Magazine or The Classic Rock Society. Despite extensive touring of the album, the tiresome requirement to earn a living saw Rog lurch further towards sound engineering, tour and production management; thus, writing, recording and performing took a back seat.

To quote Rog himself: “In a last-ditch attempt to avoid recording my ‘new’ solo album, I have somehow persuaded those fine but rather silly folk at Bad Elephant Music to release the old one again, including demo versions of thre...

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Simon Godfrey – Black Bag Archive Vol. 2 released today

Buy or stream this album now!

We’re pleased to announce the release of Black Bag Archive Vol. 2, the second collection of goodies from BEM veteran Simon Godfrey! (Happy birthday, by the way, Simon!)

This is a compendium of seven songs that form, in Simon’s own words, a “sonic diary” of sorts encompassing a wide range of styles and influences. The tracks range from the very recent to the distant past of 1999, and from full-on prog rock to acoustic ballads and electronica – a little bit of everything.

Black Bag Archive Vol. 2 is available from the BEM store as a high-quality download.

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Merry Christmas! Bad Elephant Music 2016 Sampler released today

Buy or stream the Sampler now!

The 2016 sampler is here! Every song featured in the Advent Calendar, plus the lead track from Simon Godfrey‘s forthcoming digital mini-album, for you to download and keep. Over three hours of music for whatever price you want to pay – even for free!

This sampler features music by Tom Slatter, Jack Arthurs, The Gift, N.y.X, Matthew Parmenter, The Rube Goldberg Machine, Mothertongue, Konchordat, Nine Stones Close, Mike Kershaw, Paradigm Shift, Heliopolis, Matt Stevens, Emmett Elvin, Under A Banner, Verbal Delirium, The Brackish, Sphelm, The Far Meadow, The Fierce & The Dead and the aforementioned Mr. Godfrey!

The Bad Elephant Music 2016 Sampler is available from the BEM store as a high-quality download, on a pay-what-you-want basis.

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The Fierce & The Dead – If It Carries On Like This We Are Moving To Morecambe, 2016 Remaster released today

Buy or stream this album now!

Bad Elephant Music is delighted to announce today’s release of If It Carries On Like This We Are Moving To Morecambe, 2016 Remaster, by instrument rock quartet The Fierce & The Dead. The album has been remastered with five bonus tracks, and is presented in Digipak format for the first time, with all new artwork by celebrated artist Mark Buckingham.

… Morecambe represents the first flowering of The Fierce And The Dead’s signature sound, and displays both the immediacy of their music and a promise of what was to come.

Guitarist Matt Stevens says: “We’re really pleased to get this opportunity to release a definitive version of the first Fierce And The Dead album – we’re still really proud of it...

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The Far Meadow – Given The Impossible released today

Buy or stream this album now!

Bad Elephant Music is delighted to announce the release today of Given The Impossible, the new album from London-based progressive rock quintet The Far Meadow.

The Far Meadow is the product of several previous collaborations, combining influences from bands past and genres from metal to jazz with a healthy dose of innovation that has produced a distinctive, free-flowing sound. This new album – the first with the current lineup – is a full-blooded expression of this sound, developing many years of musical experience and experimentation into one harmonious whole that encapsulates the intensity of their explosive live performances.

Given The Impossible is available from the BEM store, both as a Digipak CD and as a high-quality download.

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The Gift – Why The Sea Is Salt released today

Buy or stream this album now!

We’re delighted to announce today’s release of Why The Sea Is Salt, the new album from London-based progressive rock sextet, The Gift.

Recorded in Spring 2016, Why The Sea Is Salt is sure to delight all who enjoyed the band’s two previous releases, Awake and Dreaming and Land of Shadows, but this release sees Mike Morton and the band step up a gear. Now enhanced by the return of founder member Leroy James, and the arrival of classical piano superstar Gabriele Baldocci, the band show a harder edge to sharpen the lush symphonic textures and Morton’s trademark heartfelt and poetic lyrics.

The album also features not one but TWO ex-members of Genesis, with Anthony Phillips providing his trademark 12-string guitar and Steve Hackett a moving signature sol...

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Sphelm – These Roots Know No Boundaries released today

Buy or stream this album now!

We’re delighted to announce today’s release of These Roots Know No Boundaries, the debut album from Manchester duo Sphelm.

Initially a solo project from Mike McKnight (ex-Cyril Snear) as a creative outlet to explore a different side of his musical personality, with guitarist and keyboard player Tim Powell joining after initial shows, Sphelm have been quietly building a following across the North West of England while working on this release.

The band describe themselves as “electronic/twin guitar crossover, laden with soundscapes, beautiful guitar and vocal harmonies, set within digital space”, and like so much great music they totally defy easy categorisation. It’s not prog, it’s not indie, it’s not rock, it’s not Intelligent Dance Music, it’s Sphelm.

An ea...

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The Brackish – Liquid of Choice released today

Buy or stream this album now!

We’re delighted to announce today’s release of Liquid of Choice, the new album from Bristol-based instrumental quartet The Brackish.

Led by the twin guitars of Luke Cawthra and Neil Smith, The Brackish have been delighting audiences in the UK and across Europe with their “spiky, energised instrumentals” (Prog Magazine)
since their formation in 2013.

Liquid of Choice is their second album and follows 2014’s Big Guys, which met rave reviews, being described variously as “true musical genius” ( and “a tour de force in genre-hopping musicianship”.

BEM’s David Elliott: “I’ve been a fan of The Brackish since I heard Big Guys after seeing it reviewed in Prog Magazine, and I was delighted when the opportunity arose to work with them on Album Tw...

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