The Gift – Land of Shadows release date

Photo - Hannah Clarkson

Photo – Hannah Clarkson

Bad Elephant Music is proud to announce that Land of Shadows, the much-anticipated sophomore release from symphonic prog masters The Gift, will be released on 5th May 2014.

Mike Morton, principal songwriter and vocalist with The Gift, said…”We are genuinely thrilled about ‘Land Of Shadows’. The Gift don’t do things quickly, but even by our standards this one was a long time coming. Part of the reason was our determination not just to remake ‘Awake And Dreaming’, which we could so easily have done. The new album is still very much us. We’re still telling tall tales and mixing up vintage with modern sounds, but this time around things are more ‘imminent’; more ‘live’. We’ve stripped back the layers and focused more on the song. But as card carrying proggers we still couldn’t resist throwing in a 20 minute beast about a near death experience…For those who like their music emotional, complex and occasionally grandiose, it’ll be right up your street.”

BEM’s CEO, David Elliott, said…”Releasing an album by The Gift is the fulfilment of a long-standing personal dream. Awake And Dreaming is one of my favourite albums from the start of the progressive rock ‘Renaissance’ of the mid-Noughties, and it’s a shame that Mike wasn’t able to consolidate on the critical acclaim that the album received – due to circumstances beyond everyone’s control. With this new album – and a new lineup which will take The Gift’s vision to the stage in 2014 – we’ll finally see what this remarkable band can do.

To hear The Willows, to be released as a digital single through the BEM website on 10th March, visit our Soundcloud site at

The Gift:

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