Trojan Horse to sign with BEM


BEM is delighted to announce that Manchester progressive rock band  Trojan Horse will be releasing their second album through us in Autumn 2014.

Nicholas Duke, the band’s guitarist and lead vocalist, said – “Trojan Horse are incredibly happy to be working with Bad Elephant Music on our forthcoming album ‘World Turned Upside Down’. BEM is a label we’ve heard many great things about, and have seen them grow from strength to strength with each new release. It’s been a pleasure to watch as our friends The Fierce & The Dead have benefited from partnering with a label that values a positive, open minded approach to music that sits outside the boundaries of genre labels, and this is something that is severely lacking in today’s musical climate. We are pleased to be part of the Bad Elephant Music family of musical weirdos, and look forward to our future working together.”

David Elliott, BEM’s CEO said – “When we first set up the label we discussed the bands we’d like to work with, and Trojan Horse was one of the names mentioned. We’re therefore absolutely delighted to welcome them to ‘the Elephant Collective’. As soon as I heard ‘World Turned Upside Down’ I knew that we had to work with this band.”

Welcome Lawrence, Eden, Guy, Nick – as well as Danny the Red – to the BEM family!

Trojan Horse official website

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