Release dates for Emmett Elvin and Trojan Horse albums

Bad Elephant Music is pleased to announce release dates for two excellent new albums, from Emmett Elvin and Trojan Horse.

Bloody Marvels, the second solo release (and first on CD) from Knifeworld, Guapo and Chrome Hoof keyboard player Emmett Elvin, will be released on Monday 22nd September 2014. Bloody Marvels is a collection of largely instrumental pieces performed on acoustic instruments. Emmett is a master of guitar as well as keyboards, and plays a bewildering variety of both stringed, keyed, struck and blown instruments to create this beguiling, atmospheric and haunting album. Strong on melody and mood, with occasional moments of both playfulness and terror, these fourteen songs – together with two bonus tracks – will transport the listener into Emmett’s musical realm, leaving a long-lasting impression of its beauty in the heart and the mind.

World Turned Upside Down, the long-awaited sophomore release from Salford-based Trojan Horse will be released on Monday 13th October 2014. This remarkable album was devised, written and recorded over a period of approximately three years between late 2010 and very early 2014. It was conceived on a nourishing diet of Robert Wyatt ‘Rock Bottom’, Soft Machine ‘Volume 2’, a new found appreciation of dub reggae, the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Elliott Smith, Earth Wind & Fire ‘I Am’, Parenthood, Tears For Fears ‘Songs From The Big Chair’, Cardiacs, and social injustice.

Pre-orders will open soon – keep your eyes peeled for further information.

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