The Rube Goldberg Machine joins BEM.


Bad Elephant Music is thrilled to announce the addition of London based Progressive Rock band The Rube Goldberg Machine to its diverse roster of artists.

Fuelled by an insatiable desire to create music, Elliot Coombes, Jordan Brown and Dan Bowles came together through a chain reaction of cause and effect, to create diverse, dynamic and exciting songs based on Elliot’s politically and environmentally conscious lyrics and complemented by Jordan’s views on the nature of relationships.

The band’s debut album Fragile Times is a product of two years of fleshing out ideas – after all, as with any other machine, every piece has to be perfectly engineered.

 The Rube Goldberg Machine’s Jordan Brown: “We are absolutely delighted, proud and honoured to be working with Bad Elephant Music, the Enfant Terrible of prog labels. David and Martin are excellent people who are passionate about music, fun to work with and with a healthy taste for spicy food! We really couldn’t trust better people with our music. “


Bad Elephant Head of PR, Martin Hutchinson: “The Rube Goldberg Machine’s intensive, eclectic and meaningful music resonated instantly with me. Full of brilliant melodies and virtuoso musicianship, they are a typical BEM band. A pleasure to work with but we’ll soon knock them into shape..”

Fragile Times will be released in the first half of 2016.

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