Tom Slatter – Three Rows of Teeth re-released, expanded and remastered

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We’re delighted to announce the reissue of Three Rows Of Teeth by Tom Slatter. This new download-only version of the album comes with two bonus tracks, and has been remastered by BEM’s very own David Elliott.

Says Tom of the album:

“This album is the closest to showcasing my indie rock influences. These are all short, accessible rock songs. They tell stories, sometimes weird, sometimes macabre, sometimes romantic; they use funny time signatures, skip rapidly through ideas and take turns at funny angles; but at its heart this is an album of simple rock songwriting. And I’m very proud of it.”

The video for ‘Rise Another Leaf’ – directed and produced by Joe Slatter – can be see here.

Three Rows Of Teeth is available now from the BEM store as a high-quality download.

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