The Gift – Why The Sea Is Salt released today

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We’re delighted to announce today’s release of Why The Sea Is Salt, the new album from London-based progressive rock sextet, The Gift.

Recorded in Spring 2016, Why The Sea Is Salt is sure to delight all who enjoyed the band’s two previous releases, Awake and Dreaming and Land of Shadows, but this release sees Mike Morton and the band step up a gear. Now enhanced by the return of founder member Leroy James, and the arrival of classical piano superstar Gabriele Baldocci, the band show a harder edge to sharpen the lush symphonic textures and Morton’s trademark heartfelt and poetic lyrics.

The album also features not one but TWO ex-members of Genesis, with Anthony Phillips providing his trademark 12-string guitar and Steve Hackett a moving signature solo on ‘The Tallest Tree’, with Peter Jones (Tiger Moth Tales) rounding out the sound on Irish whistle.

Why The Sea Is Salt is available from the BEM store, both as a Digipak CD with stunning artwork by Mark Buckingham, and as a high-quality download.

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