Rog Patterson – Flightless now available for preorder

Preorder this album now!

Bad Elephant Music is proud to announce that the reissue of Flightless, the solo album by Twice Bitten’s Rog Patterson, is now available to preorder!

Originally released on vinyl in 1989, Flightless received glowing reviews in progressive fanzines around Europe in the days before Prog Magazine or The Classic Rock Society. Despite extensive touring of the album, the tiresome requirement to earn a living saw Rog lurch further towards sound engineering, tour and production management; thus, writing, recording and performing took a back seat.

To quote Rog himself: “In a last-ditch attempt to avoid recording my ‘new’ solo album, I have somehow persuaded those fine but rather silly folk at Bad Elephant Music to release the old one again, including demo versions of three tracks which would have been on the next album had I ever got around to recording it. That’s still imminent, though as ’30 years late’ is intrinsically funnier than ’28 years late’, I wouldn’t hold your breath.”

“Since we released Twice Bitten’s CD a couple of years ago there’s been significant demand for a reissue of Flightless”, says BEM’s David Elliott, “so using a combination of thinly-veiled threats, curry and beer I have wrested the master recordings from Rog and had Daniel Bowles work his audio magic on making them ready for the 21st century. Now all we have to do is have the same effect on Rog to get a new album out of him.”

Flightless is available in a limited edition of 200 Digipak CDs, and as high-quality digital downloads. Preorders are open now at the BEM store.

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