The Gift – Land of Shadows release date

Photo - Hannah Clarkson

Photo – Hannah Clarkson

Bad Elephant Music is proud to announce that Land of Shadows, the much-anticipated sophomore release from symphonic prog masters The Gift, will be released on 5th May 2014.

Mike Morton, principal songwriter and vocalist with The Gift, said…”We are genuinely thrilled about ‘Land Of Shadows’. The Gift don’t do things quickly, but even by our standards this one was a long time coming. Part of the reason was our determination not just to remake ‘Awake And Dreaming’, which we could so easily have done. The new album is still very much us. We’re still telling tall tales and mixing up vintage with modern sounds, but this time around things are more ‘imminent’; more ‘live’. We’ve stripped back the layers and focused more on the song...

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Emmett Elvin signs with BEM!



News just in – welcome to Emmett Elvin, who has signed with us for the release of his acoustic solo album. For those of you who don’t know Emmett, he’s probably best-known as keyboardist for Guapo, Chrome Hoof and Knifeworld, but that only tells you half the story. Emmett is a consummate musician – he plays all manner of stringed, fretted instruments as well as keys – and we’re looking forward to releasing his album – working title, Bloody Marvels – in the summer.

Keep your eyes on this page for further details as they emerge!

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The Fierce And The Dead album pre-order

We’re proud to announce that pre-orders for The Fierce And The Dead’s much anticipated album Spooky Action are now open!

CD and T-shirt pre-release from The Merch Desk.

Digital pre-release from the BEM Bandcamp page.

Pre-orders get a bonus live track – On VHS recorded at the band’s incendiary gig at Kingsway College in May 2013. To claim your download simply send your order number (for CD pre-orders) or the email address you used (for digital pre-orders) to

The lead single from the album, Ark, is also now available for pre-order – digital only this time. This features two additional tracks – a remix of Ark by Emmett Elvin (Chrome Hoof, Guapo, Knifeworld) and a new song featuring a spoken word performance by James Orman of Silvery.

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The Fierce And The Dead – release date!

Photograph by kind permission of Prog Magazine.

Photograph by kind permission of Prog Magazine.

We’re delighted to announce that the new album by The Fierce and the Dead, entitled Spooky Action, will be released by Bad Elephant Music on November 4. The first single, Ark will be available on October 21. 

Spooky Action is a blend of edgy guitars, savage beats, and intense melodies that lure the listener through a progressive adventure around bright corners and dark alleys. “Songs about cults, quantum physics and absent friends” is how the band themselves describe the album, and we can guarantee you’ll hear no other record like it this year!

This is the Fierce and the Dead’s second full-length album and first with Bad Elephant Music...

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The Fierce & The Dead nominated for Limelight award


We’re delighted to report that The Fierce & The Dead have been nominated for the Limelight category for the 2013 Prog Magazine awards!

To quote the lads:

“We are very pleased to announce we have been nominated for an award in the Progressive Music Awards – thanks Classic Rock Presents Prog magazine and all those who have supported us. 

We’re in amongst some very humbling company on the list! Go and have a look over here, the voting is open now!”

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Rise Up Forgotten, Return Destroyed is released!

Rise Up Forgotten, Return Destroyed by Shineback is now available on CD and digitally.

Shineback is a new project from Tinyfish songwriter and frontman, Simon Godfrey, who joined forces with musicians from a mixture of genres and styles to create the truly unique and musically progressive album, Rise Up Forgotten, Return Destroyed.

The album fuses elements of pop, rock, electronica, cinematic music, and dance into a story of abuse, betrayal and madness. The story centres on a girl called Dora who undertakes a journey into her own dream world where she encounters dark revelations about her past buried in memory...

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Shineback Album Pre-Order

The Shineback album “Rise Up Forgotten, Return Destroyed” is now available for pre-order from The Merch Desk.

After you’ve pre-ordered, you can claim your exclusive bonus track by sending an email to showing your order number. You’ll then get a code (in a couple of days or so) for the download.

The song, entitled “I Have Good Days, I Have Bad Days”, is an alternative ending for the album, recorded at the same time.

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